P2P Growers Hui: Matai Aranui Marae, Whirinaki

Kia ora koutou

It was greet to catch up with you all at our last hui on 13 August. A lot has happened since our hui with another lockdown causing a disruption in our lives. We hope that you are all safe and that this lockdown doesn’t continue for much longer.

We are sorry that some of you couldn’t join us at our July hui - Rereata, Jared and Rangimarie, Tene, Esme, Manihere all sent their apologies. Merata’s and Hirini’s apologies were also tabled.

In, attendance were:

Paula Hohua; Joseph; Mitai Matene; Rob Hensel; Pauline Tipene; Suz Te Tai; Kim Peita; Ngati Kawa Taituha; Tepora Davies; Maria Barnes; John Bristow; Ken; Lyn; Paora Tapsell; Paul Voigt

We met at Matai Aranui Marae and wish to acknowledge and thank Paula and her community for their generosity in hosting us.


1. Updates. The previous minutes were table and agreed. All provided updates as to what why they were attending the hui and/or what they were planning for the forthcoming spring. The group confirmed that it was very keen on more cross community interaction to garner stronger community buy in across the board. Without the support of the community, it would be difficult to sustain the Pā to Plate model. An update on P2P was given - it was noted that Pā to Plate – through its parent trust, E Māra E Ltd, now had an operational bank account that could be utilized by growers for grant applications if required.

2. Pā to Plate marketing outreach. The hui emphasised the need to focus on good kai for the local community in the first instance. It was felt that there was a real need in local marae communities for nutritious kai and that Pā to Plate should not overlook these in its marketing drive. Festivals, markets and events could be used to reach out to the local market which was in need of a solid supply chain of nutritious kai. In this context, Growers were keen to attend more farmer’s markets. They also wanted to be involved in on-line sales, particularly gift baskets.

3. Structures. The hui was briefed on the possible structures that we could pursue for P2P and a copy of options was given to participants outlining our kaupapa and noting that E Māra E Trust Ltd had been established as an umbrella Trust providing strategic direction for Pā to Plate (copy attached). It was set up as a social enterprise with the intention of giving back to our communities. Again, there was a consensus in strengthening P2P as a business and the hui agreed that we ought to look at a co-operative type model being put in place down the track. The hui agreed that the business model should be allowed to evolve.

4. The hui emphasized the need to process as much kai as was possible to ensure that food could be available year round and that, if selling, we could add value to produce from the māra. All were in favor of processing kai using marae kitchens. This would provide kai for the market as well as the marae and for the home. The hui was advised that Pā to Plate had applied for a considerable amount under the MSD Food Secure Communities (FSC) Implementation Fund to support wananga on processed food. If successful in garnering this funding we would want to involve all of the Pā to Plate communities.

5. Summer 2021/22. All agreed that we need to plan for the forthcoming summer season starting now. A crop schedule was circulated (copy attached) that we would like all growers to use and update every two weeks so we understood what is coming down the pipeline. The hui agreed that we would all use this and keep it updated so that we know what we will be marketing in advance to build our marketing campaigns and understand our supply chains better. It would also enable us to identify crops to be used for processing and when they were likely to be ready for harvesting.

6. Seeds. Pā to Plate The importance of maintaining a seed bank was supported by everyone at the hui. Pā to Plate was ordering some seeds for growers. We would also share seeds at our next hui. Sharing seeds was seen as a way to maintain marae communities food security and also to have healthy food stocks.

7. The hui discussed equipment sharing (ploughs, rotary hoes etc) and equipment brokerage. This was something that the group wished to explore further.

8. The hui wished to establish a calendar of actions following on from our next hui.

9. Next hui. The group agreed that we ought to hold the next hui in September. Ngāti Manu has kindly offered to host us at Kāretu Marae on Friday 24 September starting at 10:00 am. A panui will be sent our next month.

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